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Parent Fee Schedule

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

INFANTS (Ages six weeks to 17 months)

FULL TIME – 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                                     $1924.00/month

THREE DAYS/WEEK - 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                       $1339.00/month

TWO DAYS/WEEK – 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                        $955.00/month



TODDLERS (Ages 17 months to 36 months)

FULL TIME– 9 HRS./DAY                                                                                            $1586.00/month

THREE DAYS/WEEK - 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                        $1103.00/month

TWO DAYS/WEEK – 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                         $787.00/month



PRESCHOOL (Ages 36 months to start of Kindergarten)

FULL TIME– 9 HRS./DAY                                                                                           $1283.00/month

THREE DAYS/WEEK - 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                       $890.00/month

TWO DAYS/WEEK – 9 HOURS/DAY                                                                        $633.00/month


Fees effective May 1, 2021 

  • Parents who choose a 10 hour daily schedule for their child will be billed an additional $120.00 per month .

  • All parent fees are charged on a monthly basis and include the costs of meals, low ratios, classroom materials, field trips, etc.  Monthly fees do not include the cost of diapers or diaper wipes.  Parents will need to provide diapers and diaper wipes for their child.

  • There are no reductions made in monthly fees for holidays, vacation, illnesses or snow days.  You may however pay a holding fee to withdraw your child from the center for a month or more and guarantee your spot upon your return.  For more information about holding fees, please contact the center director.

  • Wonders of Childhood contracts with the State of Minnesota and many metropolitan counties to offer subsidies to families.  If you are interested in learning more about subsidy sources, please contact the center director.

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