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About Us

Toddler with Toys

Led by Becca Swiler and teachers with deep knowledge and experience… Wonders of Childhood is a respectful, developmentally focused program designed for young children and their families. Inspired by the life work of Magda Gerber, our program embraces RIE® foundational concepts to build respectful relationships that focus on each child’s natural development.

Our early educators have a breadth and depth of knowledge that makes this program stand apart. Wonders of Childhood is one of the few programs in the state committed to developing future early educators through employment, internships, research and volunteer opportunties.

 Curriculum: Our program utilizes the Creative Curriculum which has a strong focus on developmental skills such as independence, problem-solving, critical thinking, gross and fine motor skills, socialization and developing strong attachments to others. The Creative Curriculum approach to early education is based on building innovative learning environments rich in ideas, opinions and opportunities.

Children choose from a variety of stimulating, developmentally appropriate activities set-up in interest areas around the room. Teachers promote independent exploration and discovery as they nurture relationships between children.

Enrollment: Wonders of Childhood serves children between the ages of six weeks to five years. We are dedicated to serving a widely diverse clientele including a range of special needs, income levels, religious and ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles and family make up. We will warmly welcome this diversity and believe it is crucial to the quality of each child’s experience as they learn and grow.

Board of Directors

Becca Swiler – President

Lisa Haberstroh – Secretary

John Haberstroh – treasurer

Baby with Toys
Image by Alexander Dummer
Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Image by June Admiraal
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